Unique High School Experience

I went to an alternative, similar to a magnet, public high school in Worthington, Ohio. The main concepts the school focused on were options, responsibility and experiential learning. When it came to options, most of these were about class choice. I took advantage of classes on the history of American films, political radicalism, existential literature and feminine authors. I also received course credit for attending space camp, doing community service and learning glass blowing outside of school hours. Responsibility for my own education has not only required me to set goals, plan ahead and follow through, but has inspired me to be a life long learner. Experiential learning was part of every class. We tried as much as possible to learn in hands on approaches, often leaving the school building for field trips. We were required to set up and participate in a week long "interim project" in the  spring to "learn in a way that would not be possible in a classroom." I volunteered at an elementary school, learned to blow glass, learned to make stained glass windows and attended space camp. Once we finished all state graduation requirements we were able to do long term internships during our senior year. I worked at a children's theater, taught English in Costa Rica and started taking classes at The Ohio State University.